Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morten Korch

We had a character design class, and the first assignment was about clear shapes and easily read silhuettes.
For this we made a silhuette film in just four hours, from brainstorming to final product.
It was loads of fun, and I'm really thinking about doing that again in a more serious manner.

Here it is, created with Carmen Hannibal and Mikkel Mainz

Dus med Morten Korch from Christoffer Andersen on Vimeo.

Storyboard week

This week we were taught storyboarding by Tod Polson

This is a storyboard for a fictional commercial, created with Stine Frandsen:

Created in one day.

animatic for fictional commercial from Stine Agerskov Frandsen on Vimeo.

Summing up the first semester

Drawing I've made throughout the first semester here at the Animation Workshop.
Some a drawn for class, others at town, and some are doodled down during lectures.

Check them out:


A couple of four legged shots I've animated in my sparetime.
I've never touched (studied or animated) four legged creatures before, neither their anatomy nor their movement, so this was a pleasant break from the usual biped stuff.

These are done in my sparetime.
I take only credit for the animation.

The rigs can be found on

Running dog, final version from Christoffer Andersen on Vimeo.

Scared deer from Christoffer Andersen on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Inbetweening assignment in school.
The animation was given (Boris the Goose from Balto).

First up is the keys we were given, then the entire animation, inbetweened.
Done in four days.

goose inbetweening from Christoffer Andersen on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drawing Jazz and Fire!

First up, I did a visual representation of Jazz music.
I don't really feel that I nailed it, but here it is anyways:

Then I spend quiet some time focusing on texture and value, how to shade/render an object, to make it feel different than another, to give it texture through value/shading.

I got the assignment to make a fully rendered "final" drawing, of a interior house burning.
That proved to be quiet a challenge.
Here is the lineart:

Then I spend a long night rendering it, trying to make sure the smoke felt diffrent than the fire, the focus point was the right place, the right levels of value, and so forth. A lot of things to keep in mind.
Here is the final result:

I've also investigated how abstract design could give a universal feeling of something, without being too specific, and thereby not as open.

The first picture is a abstract representation of Strawberry Icecream:

The second one is a abstract representation of Dark Chocolate:

It was all very interesting and super usefull for all design purposes :)