Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drawing Jazz and Fire!

First up, I did a visual representation of Jazz music.
I don't really feel that I nailed it, but here it is anyways:

Then I spend quiet some time focusing on texture and value, how to shade/render an object, to make it feel different than another, to give it texture through value/shading.

I got the assignment to make a fully rendered "final" drawing, of a interior house burning.
That proved to be quiet a challenge.
Here is the lineart:

Then I spend a long night rendering it, trying to make sure the smoke felt diffrent than the fire, the focus point was the right place, the right levels of value, and so forth. A lot of things to keep in mind.
Here is the final result:

I've also investigated how abstract design could give a universal feeling of something, without being too specific, and thereby not as open.

The first picture is a abstract representation of Strawberry Icecream:

The second one is a abstract representation of Dark Chocolate:

It was all very interesting and super usefull for all design purposes :)


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