Friday, September 2, 2011


So we finished up at Tumblehead. A great place to spend the summer. Got to do everything from modeling to shadig/lighting, rigging, animation and compositing. All great fun.

Last monday (the 29th) I pitched two short film ideas to the school and my fellow students. All in all I think we were around 60 people listening.
It was quite nerveracking, but also a relief because it ment the end of months of prep work.
After a bunch of selection processes involving both the school and the students, 6 final projects were chosen, among those one of mine!

So for the next year I will be directing a short film with a crew of nine people behind me.
That will surely be a major challenge, both in terms of management and artistic ambitions.

The story takes place in a small danish coast town in the late 1800th and plays with the superstition and believes at the time.

More info will follow later, plus a designated blog for the short film.


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