Sunday, December 18, 2011

Old shot redone

hello again

I have a few blogposts in mind for the future. Particularily about the fact that I am directing a short film atm. and how I can translate what I learn into animation (which is still what I wanna do).
But I'll save that for later.

For now I thought I would update with an old shot that I went back and reworked a bit.
It's based on a shot I did as a second year exam piece.
I focused a lot on acting and sincerity during second year, and it is something I still have a lot of focus on. I feel I am just at the break of understanding it a bit, so it feels like a whole world is starting to open up.

Anyways, I recieved good feedback on the shot, and mainly I got high score on "acting" which I was very pleased with! And that comes from a long time Pixar vetaran and now Director, David Tart.
But there was one thing that always bothered me.
The shot is about a laywer intern sitting together with a senior employee at a bar. His internship period is running out, and he know this might be the last night with theese great folks. That is why the kid on the left (white shirt) is a bit sad at first.
But the senior has a surprise for him, as he knows he got a full time employment ready for the kid. So he learns in and whispers it to him. What follows next is a very immidiate and honest reaction of pure joy and relief.

So the problem was, that when he comes down from the joyous reaction, he laughs - which is surprisingly hard to do. To overcomplicate it (damnit!) I had his left hand do a strange bouncy thing on it's way down to the glass.
It is totally with need, and after a few months of off-time from the shot, I took a look at it again, and decided to cut it off, keeping it simple.

So here it is, the more simple version:

I hope you like it :)
-More stuff to come

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